Other Services

VISA Gift Cards

VISA gift cards are available for all occasions. There is a $3.00 activation fee.

Online Bill Pay

Pay your bills online the easy way! Learn how

Money Orders

Money orders are available for purchase at the credit union for a nominal fee of $1.00.

Payroll Deductions

Member deposits are made automatically with the cash amount of your choice disbursed through his/her bi-weekly paycheck.

Direct Deposit

You may have your paycheck, retirement checks, social security check, or any other government check deposited directly into your account.

Electronic Withdrawals

Direct withdrawals from your share or share draft account for health club fees, insurance premiums, etc. can be made. Certain restrictions apply to electronic withdrawals from your share account.

Visa Check Card

The card that works like a check, with no monthly fees. Use it at an ATM to withdraw cash or at a merchant to make a purchase without writing a check.

Home Banking

Internet access to your account 7 days a week, 365 days per year.